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Dear Resident,

We would like to confirm that a room has been reserved for you at Brookfield Village/Jennings Pool/ Brookfield Lodge/ Brookfield Court ** for the full academic year 31st  AUGUST  2022– 19th May, 2023.

To secure your room payment  must be made on receipt of room offer, payments can be made in 1 or 2 installments, with the 2nd installment due in November.

Payment plan available on request,  payments must be made on the fixed due dates to which they apply.  Where payments have not been made on the due date, the account will be considered to be in arrears and the minimum termination notice will be issued to the student.

This agreement must be signed and returned to Brookfield Village, College Road, Cork along with the first payment.  Keys will not be released under any other circumstances unless this agreement is signed and returned.

Booking Deposit

For first year students, the booking deposit of €500 is non- refundable on cancellation after 5pm on the day following the first round offers.

For all other Students, the booking deposit of €500 is non-refundable on cancellation after 1st July, 2022

Cancellation Charge

In the event of a cancellation,in the case of first year students,  before 5pm on the day following the first round offers, , an administration charge of €100.00 is payable. After 5 pm on the day following the first round offers, the booking deposit is non-refundable.


In the case of all other students ,prior to 1st  July, 2022  and administration charge of €150.00 is payable.  After the 1st July, 2022, the booking deposit is non-refundable.

Security Deposit

The booking deposit of €500.00 will be held as a security deposit for the year.  Deposits will be refunded subject to the provisions of the rules and regulations and subject to the unit and its contents being left in a satisfactory condition.  Any damages necessitating expenditure on replacements or repairs will be charged to the residents as they occur.  Each resident will be responsible for any damage to the units and its contents. Please note the security deposit will not be refunded until both key and access card to the unit have been returned in a clearly marked envelope (available from Reception)and contents inspected and found to be in good order,repair and condition.


Facilities available at Brookfield Village include,limited secure off street parking*.  There is a launderette and the tokens are available for purchase at Reception.

*supplement €550.00 for the full academic year.


Residents are contracted to stay in Brookfield Village, Jennings Pool, Brookfield Court and Brookfield Lodge from August 2022 – 19th May 2023.  In the event that you wish to terminate this contract earlier than  19th May 2023, you  are required to give 28 days notice in writing to Management. If a resident decides to terminate their contract the deposit of €500 will be forfeited.

In the event of non payment of rent, Brookfield village can terminate the contract issuing the resident with 28 days notice.

This agreement is personal to you and may  not be assigned except with prior written consent of Brookfield Village.

Any notice given to a Resident shall be duly served if sent by ordinary prepaid post addressed to the Resident.

Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations applicable are to be observed and are hereby acknowledged and accepted by the Resident.

Permit the premises to be utilized for anything other than for private accommodation purpose.

Not to involve in horseplay or games for diversion in any part of Brookfield.  Not to hold parties in the unit or in Brookfield Village.

If the contract is broken by the Resident before 19th May, 2023 the deposit will be forfeited.

To permit Brookfield Village, its servants,agents or caretaker to enter,service or inspect all units at all reasonable times. Brookfield Village is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings. Each resident is responsible for his/her own contents. Each resident should insure their own contents.  Any contents remaining on the premises after the academic year has ended, being 19th May, 2023 will be disposed of by Brookfield Village.

Management acknowledges the right of residents to their privacy; however, this is balanced by the rights of their neighbour to the peaceful enjoyment of their property.   Therefore the resident agrees that on concerns of antisocial behaviour , management, Gardai, staff of UCC, and or members of the UCC student patrol have the right of immediate access to the property to address the situation.

All Residents must agree not to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of their neighbours. In the event of complaints of repeated antisocial behaviour by residents or their guests ,and on written instruction from Management, the resident will vacate the property within 7 days.

Your booking is for a room in Brookfield Village, Jennings Pool, Brookfield Court or Brookfield Lodge, but no guarantee is given on room type, location within complex or the profile of fellow residents. Brookfield Village’s decision on room allocation is final.

Any resident requesting a room change after they have taken up residence on 31th August, 2022, must do so by e-mail and every effort will be made to facilitate them.

Any resident who contracts a notifiable or communicable disease that could by airborn spread infect other residents sharing accommodation is required to notify Brookfield Village Management at the earliest opportunity.  IN this event, the resident may take advise from their GP/HSE.  The resident must comply with the terms of that advice.

Windows will be opened or tilted daily for ventilation to prevent condensation and the general deterioration of the premise.

The residents shall be required to pay any loss or damage to the fabric,furniture and contents of the study bedroom and shall be jointly responsible with the other residents for the cost of making good the cost of any damage to the communal areas therein.  Any faults/damage should be reported immediately to Management.  Please also see note on damage and deductions.

To take good care of the premise and the furniture and appliances to keep them all clean and tidy and not to cause or allow anyone else to cause any damage to them.  Brookfield identifies two types of damage to property; attributable damage and unattributable damage. Attributable damage is caused by an identifiable person/s or resident/s and will be charged to the identified person/s or resident/s and if not paid within a specified time,  will be deducted from the deposits of all the residents of the unit where the damage occurred.  While Brookfield accepts fair wear and tear it considers that all person/s and resident/s have responsibility for controlling wanton damage(vandalism) to property owned by Brookfield.

There is no access allowed to balconies in Jennings Pool.

Deposits will be refunded within 8 weeks of vacating the unit.

The accommodation is restricted to yourself and other duly authorized by Brookfield Village.

Under no circumstances can residents part with their access cards or keys to anyone for the purpose of gaining access to the complex and the resident shall immediately report any loss thereof to reception and hereby indemnifies Brookfield Village in respect of any loss/damage which may be occasioned by reason of such loss.

Not to use, nor allow others to use the premise or any part of it for activities which are dangerous,offensive,noxious,noisome,illegal or which are or may become a nuisance or annoyance to the management or the owner or occupier of any neighbouring property.  Not to behave within Brookfield Village, or in the vicinity of it, in a manner that is anti-social nor to allow anyone else to do so. Any notice required to be given to the resident shall be deemed duly served if sent by ordinary pre-paid post addressed to the Resident.

Tampering with fire equipment will incur a fine of €250 on the entire house when the person or persons responsible do not accept responsibility.

Not to store or keep any unlawful substances or materials on the premises at any time and to report the possession of such substances to Reception.

Not to place bicycles in any other place except designated areas in Brookfield .

Not to dry clothes on storage heaters as it causes overheating and condensation.

Not to burn any candles in any part of the accommodation.

To leave the premises on termination of occupancy howsoever determined in good,clean order,repair and condition as given to you on occupation.  In the event of the unit not being left in such good,clean order,repair and condition as that on the September , 2022, an additional cleaning fee will be deducted at the discretion of Brookfield Village.

To report all damage to the units or to the fixtures and fittings in the units or any leaks or other problems in the unit to the management as soon as possible.

Residents shall be furnished with keys to the premises in Brookfield on arrival.  The Resident agrees to keep the keys in safe keeping and in the event of the resident losing the keys the Resident agrees to pay Brookfield Village €30.00 for replacement keys.  It is the responsibility of the Resident to return his/her keys to Brookfield Reception on termination of contract either full year or semester, in a sealed, clearly marked envelope (available at Reception).

The management reserves the right to refuse consent for overnight guests at any time in the interest of health and safety of the Residents.    No overnight visitors are permitted during U.C.C AND C.I.T Rag weeks and Fresher weeks.

To remove all personal effects and belongings from Brookfield not later than 12 noon on the 19th May, 2023

No Canvassing  is allowed in any part of the complex.  Not to dry clothes on storage heaters as use of blue tack, candles, Sellotape or stars is permitted on the walls. Any damage to walls will be charged to the resident.

Not to keep any dog, cat ,bird, insect pet or other animal of any kind in the unit.

Smoking is not permitted in any of the accommodation.

The management reserve the right to terminate the Agreement immediately if for any reason they wish to do so.  Management reserve the right to move residents to other units should a situation arise to deem it necessary.  This is at the sole discretion of Management.

Signed;Resident ________________             Date: _____________